Thursday, November 29, 2012

State Department Mess 

A Fine Mess at Foggy Bottom « Commentary Magazine

Hmmm, Tax the Rich, eh? 

Top 10 things Obama’s $82 billion tax hike on the rich would buy | AEIdeas

Hint: its not about government revenues ...

Your Neighborhood  

Wisdom from Arnold

Numerical Policy Goals A Bad Idea  

The curious task

Too much like Soviet Russia ....

Oh Those Evil Speculators 

Speculators Storm Safeway!

How Governments Grow 

Quotation of the Day…

The great Milton Friedman

Europe Descends 


Europe down the tubes, and we're following...

Politics and Nature 


Natural disaster becomes political feeding frenzy.

Auto Bailout Truth 


The truth about the "auto industry bailout". Learn from history.

The Road to Hell 


So true. Learn from history.

The People Have Spoken, and They Must be Punished 


Wait for it, the punishment is coming.

The Law of the Funnel 


So true.

The Downward Slide Will Accelerate 


Elections have consequences. Well, it was a great country at one time.

Walter Williams on Diversity, Ignorance, and Stupidity 


Walter Williams hits one out of the park again. He is awesome!

Failing Infrastructure 


I don't blame our current politicians any more than all the previous politicians. I blame them ALL a LOT. Infrastructure has been left to the Government, and they've completely botched it. Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, etc, etc, it goes on.

They've kicked the can so far down the road, that there's no road left. We are quickly returning to the 19th Century.

Just wait until the electric grid fails big-time. It already has failed several times in recent decades.



Myths About Defense Spending 


People can gripe about defense spending, but the fact is, our country spends a LOT more on welfare, and other direct payments to citizens and non-citizens alike.

So, who is defending the government that gives out all that money? Come on, say it, WHO is defending this nation?

Ethanol Madness 


Same old, same old. We have been taken for fools.

Takedown of Walmart Haters 


A superb takedown of the "Walmart Haters". There is not one iota of truth in their attacks on Walmart. Never has been.

How Government Works 



Say Ya Want a Revolution? 


Say ya want a revolution? Check your history books first!

We'll All Be In Jail Soon 


We'll all be in jail soon. Much easier to control that way.

"We don't need all that pesky freedom! Let the state take care of EVERYTHING."

(That worked so well in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, etc)

Real Diversity  

The Power of Diversity: Innovation In A Song - Forbes

There is so much misinterpretation of the concept. There is so much "fake" diversity.  The concept today is simply a weapon for leftists to use against everyone else.

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