Monday, October 16, 2006

"Social Justice" 

Just saw this term used again. This idea belongs to the cold, dead Communist "revolution" and should not be used by any thinking person ever again. I saw the term used in this quote:

"The term "social justice" has been adopted by the new left after recognizing that the word "socialism" isn't terribly popular these days. It's a clever term; after all, what fair-minded, kind-hearted person could oppose social justice?"
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Too many people are throwing around words these days without realizing that those very words were coined by the Comintern in the 1920's (especially) as a way to drill into American society and destroy it. They've done a pretty good job so far. So, the best way to resist that destruction is to expose these dangerous words for what they are.

While I'm ranting, here are a couple of others to ponder:

"Political Correctness" was invented by the Soviet communist party as a way to force everyone to think and behave the same. It was an enslaving concept, not a liberating concept. In the Soviet Union, anyone diverging from this level of Correctness was eliminated, often in the prolonged pain of torture and starvation. They couldn't really do that in the United States, as they worked to subvert our nation, but they could at least shun and kick out anyone who broke the rules. So, remember, when that term is used, there is blood all over it. It is not some "harmless" concept meant to liberate.

The last one for today came up in a blog that I recently read. Many people today automatically enter into the thinking pattern that requires that there be two, and only two, absolutely divergent sides to any situation. That thinking pattern requires that those two sides be in mortal combat to the death. This thinking does not allow any 3rd or more "side" to an issue, and does not allow an issue to be debated reasonably by people with honest differences. There must be death on one side. This same thinking pattern requires that every person: you, me, your mother, everyone is either an oppressor or an oppressed. This is silly and stupid at its core, but is necessary for the Communists to keep their hold on peoples hearts and minds. So, remember, next time you observe someone creating these kinds of divisions out of thin air, they are doing it to prevent dialog and reasonable discourse. They do not want a solution, they only want THEIR solution.

And They Say That Bush Misspeaks 

And they say that Bush mis-speaks or says nonsense. (by the way, he is dyslexic, so the jokes and criticisms against his speech problems actually constitute discrimination against the disabled!)

Latest junk from a supposed congressional "leader":

-"Let me remove all doubt in anyone's mind that there is no acceptance of any protection of a political future over the protection of children in the Congress of the United States."-- Nancy Pelosi  http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_101206_politics_pelosi.31a3fba4.html 

Anyway, here is another fine example of political nonsense, from the same side of the aisle:

The Los Angeles Times quotes Sen. Barbara Boxer. "People have to wake up in this nation. We cannot take for granted the gifts we have. And right now, these gifts are going back to the store, and the refunds are going into the pockets of the privileged."

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