Sunday, July 30, 2017

No Such Thing as "Pristine Nature" 

Excellent quote, passed along by Don Boudreaux.

 is from page 254 of Ronald Bailey’s excellent 2015 book, The End of Doom:
In fact, there is precious little scientific support for the ideology that pristine nature is somehow better than the mélange that humanity has created by moving species around the globe

And don't think for a moment that environmentalism isn't an "ideology". In my mind, it is a religion, and should be treated as such. (Most "Liberals" treat religion as a joke, but seem to get all serious when we question the tenets of their "religion".) 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"It Does Not Murder People as a Matter of Policy" 

On "capitalism": an excellent excerpt from John Chamberlain’s 1959 book, The Roots of Capitalism:

"When contrasted with a dream of perfection, capitalism was manifestly at a disadvantage.  But with the advent of socialist economies (Communist Russia, China) and the semisocialist, or “mixed,” systems of Scandinavia, Britain, and New Deal America (to say nothing of the “national” socialisms of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy), capitalism no longer requires apologists.  Under any comparative audit of systems it comes out very well indeed.  

....It may have its islands of poverty, its “contractions,” but it does not murder people as a matter of policy or shut them up in concentration camps.  It does not force men and women to accept uncongenial occupations or goods that are subjected to the approval of a small “planning” bureaucracy.  It does not reduce life to a continual round of abject permissiveness."

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lib vs Conservative "Dialogue" 

Saw this great takedown of liberal-vs-conservative "dialogue" or what stands for dialogue​ in these times:

“To help poor children, I am going to launch flaming accordions into the Grand Canyon.”

“That’s stupid.”


Late 19th Century U.S. Success 

Thanks to Professor Boudreaux for this quote from the great economic historian Deirdre McCloskey’s 2006 volume, The Bourgeois Virtues:

"If you look into the way Carnegie and Rockefeller actually got their fortunes, it turns out that it was mainly by making steel and transporting oil cheaper than their competitors did.  They did not get it by hurting consumers with monopolies.  Nor did they get it by hurting workers by paying less than other people did."

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Great Mind Fallacy 

Professor Boudreaux helps to take down the Great Mind fallacy. Too many people, including those who should know better, look to government to correct things that may or may not be "problems" in the first:

“Got a problem? Pass a ‘law’ or appoint government agents to ‘solve’ that problem!” is about as common – and about as naive – a reaction as is possible in human society.

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