Friday, November 24, 2017

IRS Scandal Swept Under the Rug 

"“Not a smidgeon of corruption”? My God, the whole thing was a pluperfect example of nothing BUT pure corruption, complete corruption, from start to finish and top to bottom. Obama’s preposterous assertion was never anything but laughable on its face, and was itself an example of his own sense of invulnerability, and his smug contempt for not just the rule of law but the American public itself."

"Make no mistake: the weaponization of the IRS by the Obama junta and its deployment to harass people guilty of nothing whatsoever was a crime—a despicable one, a heinous one, a legally-actionable one, and one that should never have been dismissed, denied, excused, or accepted by any real American. "

Read the whole thing, but note there is strong language:


United State is NOT an "Empire" 

After being blamed for "imperialism" by the propoganda machine for 70+ years, it needs to be said that the United States is nothing like an "empire". Some countries that oppose us certainly are, primarily because they have actually been empires in the past, and want to get back to those great days: Russia, China, Iran, etc.

Mark Steyne quote:

"... that’s because America isn’t an empire. And one can have arguments about that..... But Americans don’t have an imperialist bone in their body. And they just give to the world. They give to the world. Who is it, when the tsunami strikes, who is it who comes in and restores the water supply? It’s an American task force..."

"The revisionist autopsies of American history and the guides to sensitively calling your uncle a racist are about substituting resentment for thankfulness."

Excellent article, but be warned about strong language:


Free Trade is Not Founded on Religion 

Professor Boudreaux makes it clear (again).

The concepts and proofs of the benefits of free trade are not "religious", they are the result of actual study, debate, and evidence.

As usual, read the whole thing:


The Multiculturalism of Liberty  

 The Multiculturalism of Liberty v. The Multiculturalism of Coercion

Multiculturalism should not be used against people as a weapon, it should be ingrained within everyone who values liberty. The U. S. was founded and settled by people of many cultures, and that pattern should continue.

 Read the whole thing:


Thursday, November 23, 2017

We Get to Run Downhill 

From Professor Boudreaux, on the subject of "tilted playing fields" in international trade:

" Beijing’s subsidies and tariffs, by obliging the Chinese people to spend more than necessary to acquire imports, force the Chinese people to run uphill economically.  We Americans (and others who buy Chinese exports) do, as you say, play on a tilted field, but it is one tilted in our favor.  We get to run downhill."

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